Thursday, August 18, 2005

Moved back to India

My apologies for the long silence.

End-of-program evaluations kept me preoccupied. Once I put these behind, it took time to wind up stuff, shop, pack, etc. Not that I had absolutely no time for blogging (which would be a lie): but once I took a break, inertia kicked in. I needed to force myself to muster up the escape velocity to overcome my laziness.

Now that I am back home in Madras, I shall attempt to make amends.


Girish said...

wat plans now?

(sorry i havent been followin some of ur recent posts..)

RamV said...

hope u had a good journey back home. the year-long trip away should have given u new eyes to look at our madras and india. new meanings, new interpretations. waitin to read more of your blogs.

Srikanth said...

Hi Girish and Ramprasad,

Girish: Well, need to hunt for a job! Your IIM posts are interesting - keep them coming.

Ramprasad: Saar, the journey was very comfortable, thanks! I had a window seat in all the 3 flights - what luck! It was just about a year in the US... Shall try to put together my thoughts.

Michael Higgins said...

Hi Srikanth
I wish you luck in India and finding a job.

Sunil said...

Good to know that you have moved back to India.....I hope you find a job you like and enjoy. All the best.

Srikanth said...

Hi Michael and Sunil,

Thanks a lot!