Monday, October 31, 2005

Toothsome links is a "social bookmarking site," used to maintain what bloggers would call a link-blog. I find it very useful to store and share interesting links I find during the course of my surfing at work and at home (in Madras).

You can view the links I have stored by clicking on "My Bookmarks" on the sidebar.

(I was directed to by my friend Gokul's post.)
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Wish you all a wonderful Deepavali!


krishna said...


belated Diwali wishes

Uve got quite a few interesting links for music in ur favorites:)

Do check out livemarks

Srikanth said...

I am a dilettante with quite a number of "interests." Music is a major interest, which had led to a number of minor ones!

Srikanth said...

Thanks for pointing me to LiveMarks. It's really interesting!

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Anonymous said...

You gave me an interesting idea. Thx.

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