Sunday, February 18, 2007

Audava-Audava Raga Sangraha

The mELa-karttA classification system has served the sampUrNa rAgas well. However, the janya rAgas are still a wilderness; they deserve a Periodic Table of their own.

I have put up a scheme for the Audava-Audava (pentatonic) ragas at

Update [19 Feb]: A question. Can anyone tell me the basis on which a (janya) raga's parent is decided? E.g., why is the janaka-rAga of nAgasvarAvaLi considered harikAmbhOji and not, say, cakravAkam or zaGkarAbharaNam?


Vijayanand said...

Nice effort regarding the classification.

A question. Can anyone tell me the basis on which a (janya) raga's parent is decided.

I can think of the following reasons:

(a) Subjective: The resemblance of the gamakas and the sancharas of the janya raaga with the main raga.

(b) Some time ago I was interested in the "22 sruti" theory - where I learnt that even though two ragas can have the same swara, the exact sruti (frequency) of the two notes may be different. For example the nishandam for shankarabaranam and kalyani are differernt; I think it is slightly higher for kalyani.

So the exact location of notes may play a part in the decision.

(c) You may knowing that each raga has some primary (I forgot the exact term) swaras, It is the set of notes that one can keep as a base while elucidating the raga. Whether this note is present in the janya raga also becomes an important point.

Good question though...sometimes chosing a unique janaka raaga is hard.

Srikanth said...


Good points all! Thanks.

I had also come up with (a) and had thought it might subjective too.

Your (b) and (c) are very compelling points. Probably a combination of them is used to determine the janaka raga.

I think the term you look for in (c) is "Jeeva Swara".

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