Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sri Santhanam

From today's Hindu:
On one occasion, while introducing Maharajapuram Santhanam to the audience at a felicitation function at the Music Academy, [Semmangudi] said: “He is my guru’s son. When he was a little boy, I would toss him up in the air and play with him, but now [sizing him up with his eyes], I can’t quite manage that.” [Link]
A related observation from the Music Season of 1990:
Still the person who attracts most crowds is Maharajapuram Santhanam and the present theory in Madras is that this attraction is purely gravitational. [Ramesh Mahadevan]


Vijay said...

semmangudi's interview is interesting...especially his theory on the influence of the tape-recorder on similar styles of singing.

Srikanth said...

Right. I remember reading somewhere that in Hindustani also, the gharana boundaries are blurring thanks to the tape/CD.

By the way, do you remember Alladi Krishnaswamy from Florida Univ. once say in a lecture in our school about his visit to Semmangudi's place? Ramachandran (from the Hindu article) is from the Alladi family too.

Sakthigokul said...

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