Monday, August 11, 2008


From Sanjay Subramaniam's blog:
In my personal experience I have given several non-mic concerts. The most recent being one in Europe. The best part was that they provided mics with monitor speakers just for feedback, whilst the audience listened to the true sound as they would like to call it.


Deepti said...

Hi Srikanth,
Good to get back in touch again! Went through your sahityam website as well, great going.

I replied to you comment on my blog - btw, where are you based?

Srikanth said...

Hi Deepti,

Sorry about the late response.

I am based in Bangalore. I saw your remark on monitor speakers and I had to post a comment!

Deepti said...

Hi Srikanth,

Read Sanjay's post - was a very thoughtful and balanced take on microphones in CM. Infact, I have overheard non-indian musicians be very particular about insisting on a feedback speaker - they even have specifications on the size/kind of speaker et al. I think Carnatic musicians could get better at even insisting on one. Most organizers would be willing to provide one - if they know it is important. That said, the bigger more professional organizations in the US do a good job but I wish it was a fixture and not a welcome luxury.