Monday, December 21, 2015

Translipi back in action

Created a translipi gadget for Blogger, and deployed it in this blog.

If you’d like to use it in your blog, please get in touch. I can help you set it up.

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sumanspati said...

Hello Mr Srikanth,

Translipi is amazing. The manner in which it has helped Andhra Bharathi - Nighantu Shodhana is striking. Suddenly we are able to sink into the entire spectrum of Telugu vocab!

I need your help in using Translipi with Microsoft Office, especially with .txt and Windows Tags to begin with.

I work for a station of All India Radio. in Adilabad, Telangana. We have a huge library of audio programmes. But since we have not been provided with professional Radio Library and Broadcasting Software we have to make do with searching for files in Windows explorer. For all Telugu audio file namess, i have enforced phonetic entries (in Roman script), hoping to find some solution like Translipi. I have also created a simple system of keeping each audio file in a folder and adding a .txt file to store all meta data of the audio file, including keywords, in it (this is because i couldn't find a tags attachment solution for .wav files like the ones available for .mp3 files).

Similarly for a newspaper clipping service we have created for ourselves, we do tag entries for each file in phonetic code (in Roman letters) for Telugu.

It would be nice if all such entries could be seen in Telugu script as well as in Roman (Toggle).

It would be a great help!


Sumanaspati Reddy
All India Radio : Adlabad
Telanagana - 504 001