Friday, April 22, 2005

A new kind of pollution

Everyone of us, at some point in our schooling, would have written an essay on "Pollution." So we are well-educated about the evils of air, water, soil and noise pollution. And wait, even light: In major cities which are lit up brightly even in nights, there is never ever sufficient darkness, causing discomfort to all creatures, large and small.

Let me introduce to you a recent member of this gang, window pollution. How many of us surfing the web have not had useless windows popping up all over the place? Annoying. They are a scourge.

One of the worst perpetrators is... (guess who?) the prestigious Indian daily: the Times of India. Dear Editor, it is time you start showing some basic courtesy to your visitors, instead of throwing noisome pop-ups on their faces.


Girish said...

yes sire!! I completely understand! but isnt it amazing how we all start readin TOI and Sydney morning news and whatever not only after we go out of india, not bothering to read anything other than the Hindu for as long we are still in india...
Google pop up blocker solves the issue i guess.. doesnt it? Vague memories..

Srikanth said...

Hmm... You can always trust Google. I was relying on Service Pack 2 - it blocked the first 99 pop-ups but let the last one through. Sad.

The Hindu web-site design leaves much to be desired. Times of India seemed much better, but all its ads, pop-ups and multi-page articles (Remember "<< Previous | Next >>"?) drove me away. These days I travel on the Indian Express. Hope my choice doesn't derail... said...

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