Saturday, April 16, 2005

Thank God It's Friday!

TGIFThe American likes to celebrate the arrival of the weekend with as much glee as the Indian farmer welcomes the arrival of the monsoon.

Last Friday week, we all gathered (courtesy of the student organisation) to munch french fries with ketchup, sour cream and lemonade. A couple of weeks back we had cake, cookies and soda. Today's fare was fruits, chips and juice.

And it's all gratis: TGIF!


maheshbalaji said...

next week is it going to be french fries with phenyl / baking soda?

sorry to be gross! jsu got reminded of our (in)famous line here.. 'free-ya kudutha phenyl-um kudikalaam'

mmm... but seems to be great idea to get that TGIF feel! who sponsors these anyway?

Srikanth said...


Ah I know: For me, like any Indian, OC stuff seems to have a lure of its own. I guess I just need to tell myself, "Dei, romba alaiyaadhe."

These come out of the Student Activities fee that every student pays.